Through a focused and comprehensive study plan, we can help your student gain the necessary skills to boost their performance on the reading, writing/language, and math sections of the SAT.

Our Process

Our aim is to increase your child’s confidence going into their SAT exam. To do this, we use your child’s past performance to diagnose key areas to improve on. If your child has not taken the SAT, we will give them a mock test so that we have a starting point. Once a plan has been developed, we expose them to as many SAT practice questions as possible. Typically, we use real SAT questions from practices tests that have been released or from study books. During our meetings, we work with your child to review their mistakes and discuss strategies for success. We like for students to take no less than five full SAT tests with us during our meetings, and at least one full mock SAT prior to the test. We find that through this approach, it allows for maximum growth in confidence and scores given the relatively short time frame we have to work within.

Individualized Tutoring

​​​If your child has already taken the SAT, individualized tutoring may be a good option to increase an area of weakness. If you have your child’s scores, please submit through the contact form along with your contact information. This will allow us to develop a curriculum that is designed to your child’s needs, so we can maximize our time together.

Our Results




“There is no need to look anywhere else for tutoring in Dunwoody. We’ve used Daniell Tutoring throughout high school for science, math, and SAT/ACT test prep. Mr. D’s personal, small group approach to teaching works. It’s been worth every penny. Excellent team of tutors, flexible scheduling, and reasonable prices.”

Dunwoody High School Parent

“Love their personalized approach to tutoring and meeting each student’s needs.”

Dunwoody High School Parent

“Brad Daniell does an excellent job tutoring middle and high school students. I have used him every summer to prepare my son for high school Science. I would highly recommend Daniell Tutoring.”

Dunwoody High School Parent
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