We get a lot of questions asking us if we will meet with students in small groups for the SAT or ACT. This is something we have never considered due to each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses. To maximize your investment and cut down on preparation time, we will only meet with students individually.

Recently, we have had a lot of students leave ACT and SAT group classes to meet with us for preparation. In these classes there are typically 30 students that sit in a group for three hours on a Saturday to learn about these test. Not only is that a tremendous amount of time to sit in a class, especially for a teenager and on the weekend, these classes are not catered to a student’s own strengths and weaknesses. They are a “one size fits all” approach to tutoring students, which simply cannot be done on these tests. Not to mention, these classes are typically the same price as meeting ten individual sessions with us. It seem you’re paying for a name rather than results, which is what these tests are all about.

Yes, we are a “mom and pop” tutoring service; however, we invest valuable time learning about your student to understand their motivations. We use these to ur advantage when creating an individualized preparation plan. Additionally, Rebekah and I have tutored the ACT and SAT over 2,000 hours in the past three years, in addition to keeping abreast of changes on the SAT and ACT and taking it ourselves. We only use real practice tests released from Collegeboard, which we use to create custom plans for your student to maximize growth. To this point, our students have shown an average growth of 4 to 6 points on their composite score. Our prices are less than half that of our local competitors, and we still show the same or better growth. If you’re contemplating a large group class as a budget friendly option, please consider giving us 15 minutes of your time to explain our approach and how we could benefit your student. Individualized tutoring is the only way to prepare for these students. Let us explain to you why that’s the case.

If you would like to arrange a 15-minute phone consultation, do not hesitate contacting us at (770) 262-7859.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.
Brad and Rebekah